January 7, 2018

Top 10 from 2017

Joy Kauffman, MPH
FARM STEW’s Top 10 for 2017

Looking back on 2017, I stand amazed.

God has grown FARM STEW from a germinating seed to a mature plant that is starting to bear fruit! Thankfully, it is proving to be a perennial! I invite you to share this past year’s “crop” even as we turn our attention to the work of 2018.

10. We shared the message of FARM STEW at 3 universities, churches, and conferences in 5 states!

9. By the end of the year, FARM STEW had 8 full-time staff deployed in Uganda to share abundant life.

8. We incorporated tropical, local foods into the cooking classes.

7. Two Masters level students from Andrews University served as interns and had a volunteer bookkeeper, graphic designer, IT manager, and other volunteers, keeping our US-based costs very low.

6. We had 152 donors in 2017 compared to just 10 in 2016!

5. Our Ugandan Team trained in prisons and orphanages, organizations that work with street children and HIV/AIDS survivors.

4. Our all-volunteer FARM STEW Team Zimbabwe lead training in several villages and orphanages.

3. We started our second FARM STEW Uganda team of located in Jinja, the source of the Nile.

2. Exactly 1,000 girls have freedom from shame, thanks to washable cloth pads.

1. In 2017 alone, FARM STEW trained 13,122 Ugandan villagers .(2/3 women) during a total of 1,984 hours. This brings the grand total to 25,319 trained.

Beyond any numbers or facts, FARM STEW is about simple, accessible knowledge that can save lives, taught and learned hands-on by local people! Phionah (far left) a FARM STEW Uganda trainer interviewed Idha (right), a 43-year-old mother of 10 children, after the third full day of training in her village. I LOVE what she had to say! 

"I wanted to know how best to feed them. As a mother, I felt guilty for not giving my children the best,  but now I am not guilty anymore... I believe if everyone put into practice what FARM STEW trains, they can improve their health as I have started observing in my children.  May God bless you (FARM STEW) as you continue coming to train us.”

Please help to share the recipe of abundant life!

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Joy Kauffman, MPH
Joy is the passionate founder of FARM STEW.