April 20, 2018

"The Prophets will be mad!"

Joy Kauffman, MPH

 We've just launched a FARM STEW team in Zimbabwe!

Near the end of a long day of cooking new, local foods and preparing a vegetable garden bed, and eating wonderful, “rainbow” feast, some women were laughing, saying, “the prophets would be mad.”  

Curious?  We were too!

Women enjoying the FARM STEW message!

We learned they were speaking of the many false teachers that prey on the poor, selling “prosperity theology”, like snake-oil salesmen, promising health and wealth in exchange for offerings.  

These women said, “now we know how to be healthy and we won’t have to go to them and give them money.” 


Nothing could make me happier! 

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Joy Kauffman, MPH
Joy is the passionate founder of FARM STEW.