November 25, 2019

Phionah's Story

Phionah Bogere

I am Phionah Bogere a joyous lady aged 23.

I lost my mom when I was only ten months old.My father died when I was six. As an orphan, I started staying with my elder sister. I used to wake up very early in the morning to fetch water at Lake Kyoga, which was a long distance.

Life became hard. My sister had her own family to take care of soI was taken to an orphanage.Somehow, through great struggle,God allowed me to get through vocational school.

Then in 2015, I attended one of the trainings that Joy Kauffman was conducted at my church.

During the training, I was so eager to learn and I asked her many questions.When it was over, I asked her if I could be part her team.Later, I learned that God had shown her that she should start aFARM STEW team but she hadn’t told anyone yet. My question was just the confirmation of the Holy Spirit that she needed to follow her conviction.I was so happy and surprised to get the news that I was chosen to be on the original FARM STEW team.Since then I’ve learned so much.

I’ve personally conducted 243 trainings in villages, schools, hospitals and churches and have trained 16,694 people. We have sign-in sheets from everyday’s class to prove it! I love to train villagers how to grow and make new, healthy foods and educate the teenager son how important hygiene is intaking care of their bodies.

I even have container gardens at my home.

That helps me save more of my wages, allowing me to pay school fees for orphans.

Through the trainings, I’ve learned to express myself and gain courage. I have also managed to preach God’s message through FARM STEW because we use the Bible as the basis of our teaching.

I am grateful to you, the donors to FARM STEW!

Because of you, so many participants have improved health, changed eating habits and now practice agriculture. I meet so many people whose lives have been transformed by implementing what we teach. I wish you could meet them too!

Long Live FARM STEW! Phionah

Here's a bit more of Phionah's story here! Here's Phionah's 2 minute testimony!Here's Phionah's 2 minute testimony!

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Phionah Bogere