October 31, 2019

Pads: Freedom from Shame

Betty Mwesigwa

We have 534 more girls to go to reach our goal for 2019!  $15 will provide:
- 4 washable cloth pads in a deluxe menstrual hygiene kit made by AFRIpads.
- 2 panties (we learned the girlsdon't have them)
-Our FARM STEW trainers partner with school teachers to educate and equip the girls to use them.

The response has been amazing!

Here's what Naki had to say:

“I am 14 years old and I started my periods this year. My first day I felt shy and I missed school... It is not easy to find pads in my village and the few here are very expensive to buy. These new pads are going to protect me when I am in my periods and since they are reusable, I am not going to worry anymore when my periods come.”

Girls with pads and Phionah who loves to bless them!

You can Eliminate Fear through Sanitation!

In 2017, we served 1,000 girls!  

In 2018, we reached 2,100!  

Our goal for 2019 is freedom from shame for 3,000 girls! Thanks to your generosity, we are ALMOST there! 535 girls more!!

You will be helping girls like Rebecca who wants to be in school so much that she had to steal TP!!

We've set our 2020 goal boldly at 5,000 girls. With your help we can free them from shame! Give here or become a fundraiser here!

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Betty Mwesigwa