October 18, 2021

New Headquarters and A Visit from a Parliament Member for FARM STEW Uganda

Ednice Wagnac
Edward Kaweesa, FARM STEW Uganda Country director is pictured here with the FARM STEW Uganda Deputy Country Director Daniel Ibanda and a member of the Parliament, Honorable Milton Kigulu.

FARM STEW Uganda has exciting news to share! Your generosity, combined with the hard work of the FARM STEW Uganda team, resulted in the new headquarters based in Iganga, the city Joy Kauffman first visited six years ago! The FARM STEW Uganda team built the office with bricks that their trainers and volunteers formed using local mud mixed with concrete and poured into forms on-site to save money! In front of the building, trainers installed FARM STEW vegetable gardens and a hand-drilled well to serve as a demonstration site for the surrounding community. Visitors have come daily and are surprised to learn that the FARM STEW gardens are flourishing without pesticides and chemical fertilizers! Not surprisingly, several gardens have suddenly appeared in neighboring homes that look strangely like FARM STEW recipe gardens!

Not long after the new office ribbon-cutting Ugandan Members of Parliament and other local leaders began visiting. They had a lot of positive things to say about the impact that YOUR generosity is making in their country.

These Parliament members and local leaders have also written recommendation letters for FARM STEW Uganda! Above is a picture of one of the Parliament members, Honorable Milton Kigulu, visiting the new office space.  FARM STEW Uganda Director Edward Kawesa (middle) and FARM STEW Uganda Deputy Country Director Daniel Ibanda (right) gave Honorable Kigulu a tour of the office space.

Edward Kaweesa and Daniel Ibanda showing Honorable Milton Kigulu on of the kitchen gardens outside of the new FARM STEW Uganda headquarters.

In the picture above, the FARM STEW Uganda leaders show Honorable Milton a garden constructed on the compound where the new office is. This garden and many other FARM STEW principles will be on display outside of the office for people to see the work of FARM STEW in the area.

Honorable Kigulu's letter (see below) was compelling, noting the stark contrast between the families that engaged in FARM STEW and those that did not during this time of COVID-related crisis.

One of the letters of recommendation from a member of the Ugandan Parliament

The following are excerpts from letters of endorsement of other local leaders.

 “Households who have attended FARM STEW training have learnt to grow vegetables around their homes; this has made them have enough to feed the entire family. FARM STEW has eased the work of the government, by its wonderful training program which shapes people to be good citizens.” 

“I do recommend and testify that FARM STEW Uganda has brought tremendous change to Magogo village which I oversee at Local Council 1 level. In this village, domestic violence was rampant and men were far from the kitchen but since FARM STEW’s intervention men have engaged themselves in cooking classes bringing harmony in families. FARM STEW Uganda blesses us with two boreholes which are serving people by providing clean and safe water at a short distance.” 
Honorable Milton Kigulu with the FARM STEW Uganda's country director and deputy country director.

Hunger relief with family gardens, harmony among families in their homes, and safe water sources are all made possible by your gifts to FARM STEW. You are bringing the promise of Ezekiel 36:30 to the people of Uganda “ will no longer suffer disgrace among the nations because of famine.”

Honorable Milton Kigulu with the FARM STEW Uganda Deputy Country Director, Daniel Ibanda, and FARM STEW Uganda Agronomist, Perez Tibayaga

Above is a one of the letters, signed and stamped in approval of FARM STEW!
Pictured here is Honorable Sauda of Iganga , a member of the Parliament. She's visiting a booth where a FARM STEW trainer is teaching about the use of AfriPads, a part of our Sanitation curriculum.

The FARM STEW Uganda-Iganga team has opened their new Headquarters and as a result, they have attracted many visitors. We are grateful!

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