November 26, 2017

Joy Nankwanga, "I can no longer complain"

Joy Kauffman, MPH

Tis the season for giving thanks as we prepare to celebrate the best gift ever given, Jesus.  Thinking of His life, one word stands out, compassion. Jesus was moved with compassion both for crowds and individuals. Likewise, we are called to a life of compassion, especially for the least of these. I thank you for joining the adventure of compassion called FARM STEW with your generous giving. 


"I can no longer complain that there is no food to feed my children."

Your gifts to FARM STEW are equipping rural African families to feel good! They learn to eat right, raise new crops and care for themselves. Take, for example, Joy Nankwanga, in the village of Bubogo.  She’s been trained twice by FARM STEW and shared the impact with Robert.   Joy learned to grow soybeans and to make milk from soybeans. She’s benefiting from drinking more water. She said that she never used to take enough water and as a result, she developed intestinal complications. Now she is feeling much better.  Also, she learned to prepare jackfruit sauce from the immature green fruit.  It’s a nutritious food that is common in Asia but unknown in Africa.  With confidence, Joy says, “My compound has many jackfruit trees and plants, I can no longer complain that there is no food to feed my children.”

Phionah Trains local women to prepare green jackfruit.

When she was asked to share her new life experience after FARM STEW classes, she said “I learned that in a home; there needs to be a kitchen garden. I also learned that home meals ought to be prepared from a variety of nutritious plants. Besides that, we ought to develop kitchen gardens in order to reduce unnecessary expenditure on food.”

Joy says that “From the eight letters that comprise the acronym FARM STEW, I’ve benefited most from letter M. I learned that when we eat right, we safeguard ourselves against dietary diseases.”

When Joy was asked if FARM STEW donated some seedlings to her she said, “In the initial training, FARM STEW donated spinach, pumpkins, green paper and eggplants seeds. These she planted in her kitchen garden. She affirmed that in the proceeding training FARM STEW donated seedlings to people.”

Joy grows soya beans for food at her home. She also has a compost pile where she dumps organic waste.

Joy thanked FARM STEW International for reaching out to them with training aimed at improving their lives. She thanked the team for sensitizing the community on various health practices that included nutrition, agriculture, and sanitation. She also appealed to the team to continue with the campaign so as to promote development.

 How else could you mobilize Ugandan Christians to bring the love of Jesus into villages, equipping mothers to nourish their children?  You help fathers learn to work hard in the fields and harvest a bounty crop. Men and women are even learning respect for one another.

Please consider FARM STEW for Giving Tuesday!

This young mother was tasting green jackfruit for the first time! Your generosity will allow us to reach more like her in 2018. 

Bless you, for your gift!

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Joy Kauffman, MPH
Joy is the passionate founder of FARM STEW.