May 28, 2020

Beets, Sweat and Blood


Sarah became so sick that she had to be carried to the health care unit in Oboo, South Sudan. She was diagnosed with malaria and anemia. Sarah was so weak she could not even sit up in bed. I met her there and advised her about hygiene and meals. I instructed her family how to pound beetroot in a mortar and make a juice from it that she could drink. I shared some from my garden.

After two days, Sarah was feeling better and able to walk. Soon Sarah asked a friend to help her travel to see the miracle plant that made her well. She visited my garden and asked for seeds, so that she could plant them at her home. I let Sarah pick some of my beetroots, and taught her about the value of the leaves too.

I also promised to give her some seeds once she recovers and has prepared her land for planting.

But then I learned Sarah and her family, like many others in the community, had no farm tools to use.  FARM STEW had to do something and you made it possible. 


In South Sudan, FARM STEW is working with 700 families. Most, like Sarah’s, didn’t have garden tools. That's why we asked you to help us buy $15 worth of farm tools for each family before planting season in late April with your designated gifts.

So what happened?

They have wasted no time putting the tools to work!

Based on our donors' generosity and FARM STEW's faith in your continued support, we bought $10,500 worth of Farm Tools and Tippy-Tap Supplies for the 700 families. Doreen, our Training leader in South Sudan, reports: "So far we bought 700 hoes, 700 machetes, 700 rakes, 250 axes, and 250 weed cutters. We are adding 450 axes and 450 weed cutters… We also bought bars of soap today to send to the family, costing 700 dollars. I paid all workers for March, April, and May, as you had instructed." 

Your gifts today will cover the costs and equip us to reach MORE families as we seek to DOUBLE our reach to 1,400 families staring in July 2020!

Why did beetroot help Sarah?

Beets and their leaves are rich in iron and many micronutrients. Also, they are a great source of nitrates—a compound that helps to dilate blood vessels which in turn, helps them move oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. That means better circulation, making every breath count, even yours!

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